Exhibitions in England and Germany. Just about everything I painted at this time involved the airbrush, to the exclusion of using any other media. It was all beautiful women and beautiful cars during that period. I married the most beautiful woman – I am still searching for the most beautiful car.
A girl wearing spotted leggings against a spotted wall, high heels, red skirting board.

Spotty legs              

A lady in black stockings leaning against a black Corvette. High heel shoes and garter belt.

Street Stripper             

A lady in hard plastic corset drinking a milk shake, Bangels, straws and earrings.

Soda Pop               

A girl on the trunk of a 1957 Chevrolet Belair, drinking a martini.

1957 Chevrolet belair               

Dark stocking, high heels lady with leg pushing through slatted doors.

Slatted doors.            

A 1957 Chevrolet Belair, at a gas station.

1957 Chevrolet Belair, Gas Station.              

A lady in a red swimsuit leaning against white railings.

Red Swimsuit.              

A lady in black stockings and high heels against a shop doorway.

Sunset strip.               

A aldy in dark stockings, high heels and zebra print dress sitting on a striped couch.

Playboy Stripes.              

A lady in stockings and high heels that has slipped and fallen on a banana skin.

Banana Skin.               

A lady in sequined clothing standing in front of a bubbler juke box.

Press that button to turn me on.            

A Mercury car with white wall tires and spinner hub caps.

Beam me up Scotty.               

A lady looking out from under a black hat.


A aldy in black latex and high heels sitting on a motorbike.


A lady wearing black seamed stocking and high heel infrony of an old American car.

Penny's car.            

A lady in long black shiny boots and high heels behind black slatted doors.

Black slats.                   

A lady in white stockings, high heels and a garter belt with a bright pink car.

New Knickers.               

A girl in black swimsuit leaning against white railings.

Black swimsuit.              

The face of a lady with a tap in her ear and all the color running out of her head.


A lady in black stockings and blue metallic high heel shoes sitting on the hood of a bright blue Mercury car.


Dior chained.               

A aldy in purple leggings and high heel ankle boots looking into the trunk of a bright purple 1957 Chevrolet Belair.

It's in here somewhere.               

A lady in dark stockings a red high heel shoes chained to the floor.


A aldy in black latex and high heels chained from waist to boot heels.


A lady in dark fishnet tights and red high heel shoes letting out her pet leopard in front of a blue door.

Blue leg.               

A lady in dark stockings and high heel shoes sat one a chrome chair with a red telephone in her lap.

Call girl.               

A lady in dark stockings high heels and pink latex dress standing at a water cooler .

Water cooler.               P

A lady in black dress with a telephone cord over her legs.

Telephone girl.               

A lady in short red skirt wearing roller skates with her white cat.

White cat.               

A lady in a water soaked dress.

Wet.                    P

A rusted Edsel car in front of a dilapidated building.


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